Mars Vase Large Steel Apricot
Mars Vase Large Steel Apricot
Mars Vase Large Steel Apricot
Mars Vase Large Steel Apricot
Mars Vase Large Steel Apricot

Mars Vase Large Steel Apricot

The large apricot Mars vase from NUDE's Mars collection brings the magic of distant lands into your home. Crafted from handmade, lead-free crystal, this impressive vase draws inspiration from the stunning beauty of the planet Mars and its two moons, paying tribute to Mars's iron-rich soil with its orange color. This palette reflects the planet's orange and steel blue tones, bringing Mars's extraterrestrial beauty into your home and highlighting the diversity of colors and landscapes beyond our own planet.

The broad form of the Mars vase, in striking apricot tones, offers an aesthetic presentation reminiscent of the captivating landscapes of distant planets, standing out as an art piece in every detail. This vase serves not only as a companion for flowers but also as a sophisticated touch to your space. NUDE's special design is ideal for those seeking a modern and artistic expression, bringing the mystery and aesthetics of distant lands into your living room with every glance. This decorative vase also allows for creating harmonious combinations with its other sizes and blue color, enabling a cohesive harmony.

Height: 220 mm
Width: 210 mm
Depth: 210 mm
Material: Lead-free crystal

The mastery and craftsmanship of handmade glass is a signature of NUDE.

NUDE prides itself in its artisanal approach to glassware, specializing in handmade, pure crystalline glass, be the pieces blown or press-blown. With their Master blowers, NUDE continues to hand
make much of the world’s most acclaimed glassware.

We recommend washing this product by hand using a soft sponge, brush or by hand.

Please avoid using the scourer side of the sponge as it will create scratching on the surface of the glass.

After hand washing let the product dry. Finish cleaning by drying and polishing the product using a soft cloth, preferably micro fiber.


Pentagon Design

Arni Aromaa e Sauli Suomela hanno fondato la loro agenzia, Pentagon Design, nel 1996, anche se all'epoca stavano ancora studiando per il Master in Industrial Design presso l'Università di Arte e Design di Helsinki. Ora gestiscono uno studio di 15 persone, tra cui designer industriali, grafici e interni, ingegneri ed economisti. I loro progetti spaziano dal packaging per un'azienda dolciaria finlandese agli interni di una nuova biblioteca. La loro formazione progettuale, che segue l'ideologia Bauhaus, li ha lasciati con una preferenza per la sobrietà e il rigore, mentre venendo dalla Finlandia significa che hanno sempre pensato al vetro come materiale primario. "L'eredità del vetro finlandese è così forte", dicono. “Così come ogni architetto d'interni deve progettare almeno una sedia nella sua vita, ogni designer finlandese deve lavorare con il vetro”.