#TogetherIsBeautiful - NUDE Ikebana Upright Moribana Opti

#TogetherIsBeautiful - NUDE Ikebana Upright Moribana Opti

Step by step guide by The Ikebana Project

In the final post as part of our collaboration with Barry Marré   @the_ikebana_project shares a step by step guide for creating another Upright Moribana showcased in a NUDE Opti Centrepiece. Learn more about our collaboration with Barry and about the art form Ikebana here


For this Upright Moribana creation, you will need to place the kenzan in the far left of the bowl. The best type of flowers to use for this Ikebana arrangement are ones which grow straight upwards. You can combine various flowers; for example, the third flower can be a different type to the other two in the arrangement. I prefer to pair the same flowers, and then use other flowers to cover the kenzan in order to create a playfulness and contrast.

#TogetherIsBeautiful - NUDE Ikebana Upright Moribana by @the_ikebana_project

A step by step guide for creating an Upright Moribana

NUDE product: Opti Centrepiece
Flowers used: Molucella Laevis Viburnum

  1. Measure and trim your first flower to (the diameter of your vase x the height of the vase) x 150%. Here, that equals (30.5cm x 9.8cm) x 1.5 = 44.8cm. As this NUDE Opti Centrepiece is quite deep, I have left the flowers slightly longer. It’s always important to keep the shape of your bowl or vase in mind
  2. Trim the second flower to ⅔ of the length of your first flower. Trim the third flower to ⅓ of the length of your first flower
  3. Place the kenzan in the front left of your bowl
    Step 1 of Ikebana upright moribana, measuring the flowers The stems of the 3 flowers prepared in the right sizing for NUDE Glass' Ikebana creation
  4. Cut three flowers to cover the kenzan, and make sure to use a variety of heights for playfulness and contrast
  5. Place your first flower in the front left of the kenzan, 10 degrees to the left and leaning towards your left shoulder
  6. Place the second flower in the middle of the kenzan, leaning 40 degrees to the left
    The selection of flowers for covering the kenzan for the NUDE Glass' Ikebana creation
  7. Place the third flower at the bottom right of the kenzan, at a 75 degree angle so the flower leans at a low angle close to the bottom of your bowl
  8. Place the remaining cut flowers on the kenzan itself to cover it, with the tallest ones at the back
    The creation of the 3 flower stems on the kenzan in NUDE's Opti centerpiece Final result the Ikebana Upright Moribana in NUDE's Opti Centrepiece

NUDE products

NUDE Opti Centrepiece


Creator Barry Marré

Instagram: @the_ikebana_project


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