NUDEFridayCocktails Spring Vibes

NUDEFridayCocktails Spring Vibes

The world is in bloom, enjoy it with a NUDE spring inspired cocktail

This month, we invited mixologist and friend Morten Krag of The Cocktail Blog to create and share a selection of bespoke cocktails for our #NUDEFridayCocktails series. Based in Viborg, Denmark, Morten’s background in mixology stems from an early age and began with distinct memories of many different smells, senses, and colours that arose from his father’s botanically-infused aquavit recipes.
For Morten, mixology is not just a career, but a passion in exploring, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of what the norm is – as an act of expression. What followed from curiosity has turned into a passion spanning all things mixology, including an authoritative Instagram brand and mixology blog sharing new (and old) recipes alike.
We invited Morten to share some of his thoughts on his inspirations, favourite ingredient, glassware choices, and more…

A one on one with Morten

Where are you based?

Viborg, Denmark

Where do you find most inspiration for your work?

Through experimenting in my Home-Bar, from other Mixologists, from the "Gram", from the Classics.

Which ingredient do you find yourself using most – and why?

I must say Gin - It's incredibly versatile, flexible, crisp, allowing other ingredients to shine as well, and can be enjoyed on its own as well.

Does glassware factor into what you create – and if so – how?

Glassware (and Ice) plays a vital and important role in my creations. To me a Cocktail is and should be more than ‘just’ the ingredients. A Cocktail should tell a tale, give an expression, offer emotions and tingle one's senses. The glassware plays an important part in doing so. It should complement the Cocktail ingredients, play its part, and be ‘one’ with the Cocktail itself.

Starting simple and practicing is your advice for aspiring mixologists – do you have any other words of advice?

Don't be afraid to be creative - both inside the glass and outside the glass. You might just find your own style and preferences. 

Morten's Spring Recipes for NUDE

NUDE Spritz

First up this month is Morten’s NUDE Spritz in our Stem Zero Full Bodied White Wine Glass: a homage incorporating the pale pink we’ve come to be known for. 

NUDE Glass Spritz cocktail


  • 5cl Rosé Wine
  • 3cl Dry Gin
  • 2.5cl Ruby Grapefruit purée
  • 1.5cl Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1cl Simple Syrup


    1. Shake with plenty of ice
    2. Strain
    3. Top with soda
    4. Garnish with pink grapefruit


      Land of NUDES

      This NUDEFridayCocktails is for the gin lovers: using gin as a base alongside Aquavit and Curacao to create a simple recipe with complex flavours in our Big Top Whisky DOF Glass.

      NUDE Glass Land of NUDES Cocktail using Big Top DOF glass


      • 4.5cl Dry Gin
      • 1cl Aquavit 
      • 1.5cl Dry Curacao
      • 0.5cl homemade Simple Syrup 
      • 1 dash Orange Bitters
      • Pinch of sea salt


      1. Stir with plenty of ice
      2. Strain over a large block of ice
      3. Express a lemon zest over the drink and garnish


      Echoes of Summer

      This NUDEFridayCocktails is so pretty you wouldn’t want to drink it, until you have a taste... ‘Nude Savage’ in our Savage Coupetini Glass by Morten of is one we’ll be saving.

      NUDE Glass Echoes of Summer cocktail in NUDE Savage coupetini glassIngredients:

      NUDE Savage
      • 4.5cl Gin 
      • 1.5cl Pastis
      • 1 bsp. Grenadine


      1. Stir with plenty of ice
      2. Strain
      3. Express and discard lemon zest
      4. Garnish with a Japanese Cherry Tree Flower

      Pastel Dreams

      Morten's Bordiga Nuderitivo is an easy making (and drinking) weekend affair, shown in our Mirage Long Drink Glass - and perfect to enjoy in the sunshine.


      Bordiga Nuderitivo

      • 4cl Gin
      • 2cl Aperitivo 
      • 10-12cl Tonic


      1. Stir carefully over plenty of ice 
      2. Garnish with pink grapefruit


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