NUDE In Bloom x Heritage Gatherings

How to create the perfect arrangement in your home with a step-by-step guide.

As part of our NUDE in Bloom series, we invited floral studio Heritage Gatherings to take inspiration from our Blade collection. Following their modern, whimsical, full of movement, texture and colour designs, take a look below to create the look at home.

To create a chic and timeless arrangement in your home, first gather your blooms. Focus on various colors and textures. Consider using large focal flowers such as roses, dahlias, or tulips.

Add in linear flowers like delphinium, larkspur, or stock. Filler flowers can be smaller blooms used to fill in space, like ranunculus, sweet pea, berries or limonium.

Finally, gather foliages and greenery, such as viburnum, ruscus or whatever you can cut from outside.

Begin by creating a loose “bouquet” in your hands. Gather some of your larger blooms first in one hand, then using the other add in greenery, berries, and taller stems. Don’t use all the flowers, this bouquet will serve as your base structure to hold the rest of your flowers.

After gathering a bouquet in your hand, using about 50% of your flowers, tie the stems with a rubber-band or piece of string.

Cut the stems to the correct height and place in your vase of fresh, clean water. Remember to remove all leaves and petals below the waterline to leave only clean, cut stems- debris will dirty your water quickly.

After placing your tied bouquet in your vase, add the rest of your stems to create the overall shape and style that you want. Your vase should ideally be no more than half the height of your arrangement, so consider adding nice, long stems of florals or branches to double the overall height. This creates visual balance.

Continue adding in your focals, fillers, linears and foliages until the arrangement feels full and balanced all around.

Always keep flowers out of direct sunlight and with fresh clean water to lengthen their shelf life.

Enjoy your beautiful arrangement!

Featured Vase - NUDE Blade Vase in Caramel

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