Vintage & Terroir Gift set
Vintage & Terroir Gift set
Vintage & Terroir Gift set
Vintage & Terroir Gift set
Vintage & Terroir Gift set
Vintage & Terroir Gift set
Vintage & Terroir Gift set
Vintage & Terroir Gift set

Vintage & Terroir Gift set

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Design by NUDE Design Team

Destined to elevate a simple moment into a memorable occasion, this unique set showcases the glass artistry and craftsmanship at their highest level. The NUDE Vintage wine decanter is defined by its well-balanced proportions and a playful finishing touch: the circular cork stopper. Meanwhile, the NUDE Terroir wine glasses are designed for optimal taste and flavour enhancement, and defined by their minimal silhouette and a dynamic drop that flows beautifully into the stem. Cut from pure lead-free crystal, it’s a delightful choice for wine novices and connoisseurs alike.

  • Existing out of Vintage decanter and set of 2 Terroir wine glasses
  • Wine decanter 750 cc / 150 mm 242 mm
  • Wine glasses 590 cc / 74 mm / 218 mm
  • Lead-free crystal

Wine decanter
Capacity: 750 cc
Height: 242 mm
Diameter: 150 mm
Wine glass
Capacity: 590 cc
Height: 218 mm
Diameter: 74 mm
Material: Lead-free crystal

The product is dishwasher safe, though we advise the following:

• Choose the most suitable glass washing program which may help you to get the best hygiene and appearance performance.

• We recommended to wash glassware with water which has hardness between 4° - 6°dH.

• The ideal washing temperature for glassware is between 50°C to 65°C.

• Once your dishwasher cycle has finished, open the dishwasher to allow excess steam to be released.


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