#TogetherIsBeautiful - NUDE Ikebana

#TogetherIsBeautiful - NUDE Ikebana

Ikebana arrangements by The Ikebana Project

In a time where mindfulness is more important than ever, we’re embracing Ikebana, the Japanese art of spiritual flower arranging. Like our glassware, its aesthetic embodies simplicity and a serene beauty. We’ve teamed up with Barry Marré, @the_ikebana_project to showcase a series of architectural designs in some of our most popular glass vessels.

Ikebana is a tradition that began in the 6th century for ritual flower-offerings to the Buddha, and has since evolved into many different interpretations. At its core, it is a meditative practice that encourages us to take a step back and channel the mind into the beauty of floral art.

Ikebana creation by @the_ikebana_project in NUDE's Silhouette bowl

These striking arrangements are considered and sculptural; each can differ in size and composition, and asymmetry simply adds to their ethereal style. The space between each element is as important as the blossoms themselves, establishing a balance of shapes and silhouettes that evokes the Japanese minimalism at the heart of this technique. These considerations draw our energy into the creation of a mindful art form that exposes the natural beauty of seasonal blossoms, branches and leaves. 

Ikebana creation by @the_ikebana_project in NUDE's Layers collection

Over the next three weeks, we’ll be sharing some step by step guides for how to create Ikebana arrangements at home. 

NUDE Virtual Bouquets: 

We have designed virtual bouquets using the beautiful Ikebana arrangements so you can send to anyone around the world and share the love from lockdown. To get your personalised virtual bouquet, go to the NUDE Instagram account, @nudeglass, and send us a direct message with the name of the person you would like to send it to, along with the name of the person it’s from. See some examples below:


NUDE products featured:

Opti Tall Vase with a composition of frittilaria imperials lutea

Layers Collection with a composition of kniphovia uvaria

Silhouette Large Bowl with a composition of acer


Creator Barry Marré


Instagram: @the_ikebana_project

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