#NUDESavageCollection - NUDE x Rémy Savage

#NUDESavageCollection - NUDE x Rémy Savage

Introducing the Savage Collection in collaboration with Rémy Savage

Rémy Savage’s devotion to mixology has seen him at the forefront of his craft - having won multiple awards (including Best European Mixologist) for bringing together creativity and commitment to the art of bartending. Whilst Rémy's career was established across the world, he now travels in between Paris and London. As the former head of the Little Red Door in Paris, and recently leaving his position of head-bartender at The Artesian in London, Rémy is jumping into a new adventure as the creative head at Le Syndicat and planning to open new two bars on each side of the Channel.

Savage describes his own philosophy to mixology as a synthesis of simplicity, flavour, art, minimalism, delicacy and research. Rémy's approach to his craft, embodied in his complex-but-delicate creations, and extensive experience in the industry, made him an ideal partner to help develop our newest collection.

Collaborating closely alongside our design team, Rémy identified a simple but prevailing issue within the industry - namely, the mismatch of premium spirits paired with the large size of generic glasses. The choice between thin, fragile glasses that break easily and those that are heavy and awkward led to a compromise in an industry demanding precision.

The NUDE Savage Collection is a contemporary reinterpretation of six classic shapes: envisioned by Rémy, engineered by us. Robust, elegant and smaller in size than typical glassware, the collection combines function with aesthetic to offer an everyday solution for today’s cocktail professionals and drink enthusiasts.

Say hello to the collection 

The NUDE Savage Collection features six thoughtfully designed glasses suited to a range of different drinks. Using a series of familiar shapes as a starting point, the NUDE family are joined by the Coupe, Coupetini, Pony, Water Glass, Low and Highball.

The Coupe and Coupetini are defined by slim, long stems - creating an appealingly sleek and high-end feel. Both glasses feature a shallow bowl, suited towards drinks with egg white but also ice balls. The Coupetini - the Coupe’s sister glass - blends the classic martini glass with a modern coupette for both a boulevardier and a daiquiri.

Remy Savage's Coupe glass for NUDE Glass Remy Savage's Coupetini glass for NUDE Glass

The Pony glass subverts the traditional style with a taller build and less capacity, characterised with a rounded based and long, thin stem. For a cohesive look and feel, the Water Glass was adapted to emulate the rounded design of the Pony: stackable with a 240ml capacity.

The Low and Highball glasses are contemporary reworks of classic shapes. Both glasses are subtly flared to avoid chipping, designed to be comfortingly sturdy and robust to hold.


Q&A with Rémy Savage

Harry McKinley: How do you feel beautifully crafted glassware enhances the guest experience?

Remy Savage: Everything tastes better when served in a good-looking glass. Drinks these days are going towards a simpler structure - whether a vermouth, a spirit or a liqueur - and it doesn’t matter how good the liquid is if the glass isn’t beautifully conceived and made. Nude is famous for its ‘simple is beautiful’ approach and this is reflected in the collection, which is perfectly fitted for both tradition and innovation. Collaborating with Nude, it was great to see that anything is possible; I know how to make cocktails and Nude knows how to design strong, striking glassware.

H.M.: How did you develop the collection with Nude and what inspired the aesthetic?

R.S.: It was actually a wonderfully easy process, because Nude has such knowledge and know-how. I advised on shape, yield and size, but ultimately it was Nude that made the end result possible - taking my ideas and realising them. It was amazing to create glasses that I and others will use in bars and at home, which are perfect for what we’re doing today in modern mixology.

H.M.: What did you find most rewarding about the collaboration with Nude?

R.S.: It’s rare for people in my field tosee how glass is made and yet it’s something we touch thousands of times a day. Going to the Nude factory was deeply inspiring. Seeing how a group of people work on a single glass reminded me of ballet. The collection is sophisticated and elegant but, like minimalism in art, the beauty is in the materials and the simplicity of the design.

“Collaborating with Nude, it was great to see that anything is possible; I know how to make cocktails and Nude knows how to design strong, striking glassware”. - Rémy 

H.M.: What makes this collection ideal for bartenders and mixologists?

R.S.: I’d describe the collection as linking the past and the future. The shapes existed already but we made them longer and amplified certain curves. Nude’s expert glass-makers enabled my ideas to become reality. We see them as pieces of design as well as functional tools. In my career, glassware has never been tailored to the kinds of drinks that I make. This collection is adapted to truly consider volume, specific cocktails and connects to the movement of being conscious about what we drink; drinking better but less. Along with the durability of the glasses, that makes the collection unique.

H.M.: What does this collection offer that was missing in the market?

R.S.: It used to be that you would either havethin glasses that break easily or very heavy, thick glasses that don’t break, but aren’t refined. This entire range is thin and light but resistant. It can be used it in a busy, high volume environment and it won’t be as fragile as other glasses. 

H.M.: How does the collection embody your personal style of mixology

R.S.: I would like to think it is a physical expression of the style of drinks I like. A lot of the work I do revolves around complexity of flavours and very structured but delicate drinks. Having slender, striking glasses exposes the guest to this complexity and the layers of flavour.

H.M.: What makes a world class cocktail and do you have a signature serve?

R.S.: It’s all about attention to detail. From the temperature of the liquid and the ingredients to the ambience - light, music and delivery - it’s all part of an experience. In terms of a signature serve, I don’t have a specific cocktail but I enjoy mixing art, philosophy and mixology. Every year I try to reinvent. I believe in deliciousness that is championed by its simplicity!

H.M.: The collection features six pieces and so, in six words, can you describe your approach and ethos?

R.S.: It’s difficult to choose just six, but I would say: simplicity, flavours, art, minimalism, delicate and research; a perfect partner for Nude.


Coming Soon!  NUDE x Rémy Savage

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