Memento Mori - an Iconic Collection

Memento Mori - an Iconic Collection

Life is finite. It comes to an end.
That’s why it’s important to live it to the full, to treasure every day.
A Memento Mori is an object we keep to remind us of this inevitability.
It is neither morose nor malevolent, but a simple fact of life.
Nude has collaborated with two cutting edge designers to create an exquisite range of Memento Mori in lead free crystal glass.
We like to think of them as philosophical ornaments.
They give us cause to reflect; to remind ourselves of life’s undying importance.

Ali Bakova is a leading light in modern Turkish design. His work is playful yet functional, mixing the classic with the contemporary.

Bakova’s extraordinary collection of skulls are both tactile and dramatic. They have a quiet presence that is both compelling and eloquent.

Both transparent and opaque, and in a wide range of hues, Bakova’s skulls offer a variety of moods and personalities to reflect the individuality of the owner.

The main set of skulls come in jet black, opaque white, crystal clear and sea green. A limited edition have also been fashioned in silver and gold.
Each skull is three quarter length and has a flat base. This softens the affect, making the item more contemplative than alarming.

A smaller set of skulls - half the size - come in jet black, crystal, and sea green.
A still newer range - slightly softer in design - has also been launched in charcoal black, crystal gold and crystal bronze.

The very latest item is a crystal clear skull that can be used as a tea-light holder - a playful comment on the concept of inspiration.

Taken together, Ali Bakova’s work makes for an arresting and dynamic collection.


Erdem Akan is another renowned exponent of design.

He enjoys combining East and West, old with new, reflecting both his upbringing in Istanbul and his education in Britain.

Akan has chosen to lay his Memento Mori skull on its side, as if sleeping.

The hollowed-out skull acts as a bowl. What you put in it allows you to make your own comment about both life and death.

It’s a very original approach, exemplifying the designer’s mordant wit and attitude.

Akan’s skulls come in two different sizes and a variety of finishes: smokey green, jet black, and opaque white.

There is a subtly gentler mood to his collection, but with the same metaphysical component.


The work of Ali Bakova and Erdem Akan - particularly in relation to these extraordinary pieces created for Nude - once more reaffirm our credo - Simple is Beautiful.
But with the Memento Mori collection, this time it is stated in a playfully significant way.

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