Mindful Drinking - Where to start?

Mindful Drinking - Where to start?

Mindful Drinking sounds great, but I’m sure you’re wondering… how do I become a mindful drinker?

NUDE asked Camille Vidal from La Maison Wellness to share her insights on Mindful drinking and provide us with inspiration and tips for starting on a journey to a more conscious approach to drinking.

Camille Vidal from Lamaisonwellness.com pouring a mindful cocktail in the NUDE Savage coupe glass

It starts with awareness

As with any journey, it starts with awareness: with paying attention when we finish work and open the fridge to grab a beer or have a glass of wine... We’ve watched our parents do it, we’ve seen it on TV and in the movies. It has become part of our conditioning: a reflex habit, a default, something we’ve always done rather than a positive, active, conscious moment of pleasure.

Bringing awareness into our drinking habits, to figure out what balance works best for us, is gifting ourselves the opportunity to live well and celebrate like Healthy Hedonists. It’s about options: one night that might look like a non-alcoholic beer, another a mindful cocktail with your favourite gin. It’s the journey of finding what works for us, our lifestyle and most importantly makes us happy… and that’s exciting!

From in the moment towards a mindful approach

The short term effect and dopamine release from alcohol can be enjoyable, but it’s scarily easy to lose sight of our mindful approach! What starts as a reflex to relax, feel good, unwind, switch-off and socialise can quickly spiral into a more negative impact than we intended, and in the name of fun? Socialising? Isn’t the hangover and anxiety that comes after… kind of ruining the experience?

But I’m not a doctor and my role isn’t to tell you the negative impact of alcohol on your body and mind! My mission is a long way away from telling you that alcohol is good or bad, or that you should or shouldn’t drink… my role is to INSPIRE you to bring mindfulness into the glass, by showing you how to make delicious mindful cocktails that help you to find balance in celebration and enjoyment. My role is to EMPOWER you to find the balance that works for you and to ensure that you never have to compromise on flavour or experience; because let me tell you the No & Low category with all its amazing new products being launched everyday- as well as this new way of drinking and making cocktails more conscious- is not just delicious, it’s exciting!

Mindful drinking is a way of life so let’s get to it!

Mindful Penhros Cocktail served in the NUDE Savage Coupe glass created by Camille Vidal

Penhros Club

Mindful cocktail Penhros Club served within the NUDE Savage Coupe glass


- 50ml Penrhos Zero Raspberry

- 20ml lemon

- 3 raspberries

- 20ml Rosemary honey syrup 

- Egg white (optional) [or alternatives]



- Shake

- Garnish with raspberry and rosemary

Camille Vidal picured with her Penhros Club cocktails served in the NUDE Savage Coupe glass

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