Introducing NUDE x No. 3 Gin

A pursuit for perfection… say hello to the perfect martini glass


To elevate martini drinking experiences, we have partnered with No.3 Gin to produce the perfect martini glass. 

Voted the World’s Best Gin, No. 3 took two years to create the perfect balance of Juniper, Citrus and Spice. Working with master distillers, top mixologists and Dr. David Clutton - the only person in the world to have a PhD in gin - they created a gin that has been recognised the World’s Best, four times.

Continuing their pursuit of perfection, they are now on a mission to create the perfect martini, from the perfect ingredients to the perfect mix, and of course, the perfect glass… 

Together with the University of Leeds, and developed using our respective scientific and design expertise, the NUDE x No. 3 Gin bespoke glass has been specially created to keep liquid cooler for almost twice as long as a classic glass – in turn, protecting the cold, clean, smoothness of a high-quality martini. 

The exclusive new glassware is hand-blown from crystal and is a perfect balance of form and function, with a fine-rimmed bowl and elegantly slender stem to prevent the drink from warming. The subtle turquoise hue takes cues from and complements the No.3 bottle.

“Each martini glass has been hand-blown by our team, resulting in very subtle variations which mean that each piece is unique. One of our key priorities when designing the glass was to find the perfect colour, and the team worked tirelessly to blend an exact colour match for the No.3 gin bottle.”

“We wanted to create the perfect glass to elevate the martini drinking experience. A martini must be served in a chilled glass, so we set out to design a vessel that would keep its contents ice-cold for as long as possible.” 

Visually pleasing, scientifically proven and deliciously perfect.

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