Introducing - ILO

Introducing - ILO

Candle holders that inspire Calm

With the new philosophy of comfort fully modeling the current scenario, designers have turned their attention to expressive everyday objects that help enhance connection, togetherness, and joy, creating a boost in well-being. Case in point: the Ilo candle holders designed by Ozan Özalp – meant to bring a soothing yet uplifting ambiance to any living space.

When designing the Ilo collection, what was your starting point: form, function, material, or rather a specific feeling?

I approached the project with the idea of using another material, in addition to glass, as combining glass with a different texture can significantly impact the design. It was essential to establish this balance right from the start; after all, NUDE is a glass manufacturer, so crystalline glass is always the key element. The design is striking but simple: the sculptural body features a ripple pattern to enhance the power of the candlelight. The other element is the copper plate – we experimented with different materials, playing with silky, bright surfaces that would create a dynamic play of reflections.

Lighting is the most powerful generator of atmosphere in any space. What kind of impact were you trying to achieve?

Nowadays, candles serve more as decoration than a light source. I started the project with this consideration, aiming to design a product that would promise an experience extending beyond mere appearance or function. My goal was to create a candle holder set that would allow people to relax and enjoy the moment. Looking at the light waves filtering through the dome’s ripples, creating a magical and meditative ambiance, I believe I have achieved it.

NUDE collections are popular for their minimal, playful design. What’s the secret to striking the right balance between these two seemingly opposing elements?

Balancing contrasting elements, such as modern and classic, artificial and natural, heavy and light, or simple and playful, as in this case, can be risky. However, if done right, the result will most likely be very successful. I’d say the secret lies in intuition and experience. Sometimes, you must embrace the trial and error method, too.

You’ve been part of the NUDE Design Team for several years. How do you incorporate your personal sense of style into the brand’s aesthetic?

I think NUDE has a design language in line with my own life philosophy and mindset. When designing a piece for NUDE, I ask myself, “Would I buy this?” It is easier to create a product thinking of yourself as a potential end user.

What are some of your favorite pieces you’ve designed so far, and why?

Besides Ilo, I would choose the Caldera collection. It was the first product I created for NUDE, and it will always have a special place in my heart. The development process was particularly demanding since the uneven inner bottom of the design forced our production limits. Knowing the behind-the-scenes challenges makes it even more precious for me.

How do you stay creative during challenging times?

Being a good observer is a must. Even a simple stone you come across in nature, or the music you listen to, can serve as inspiration if you know how to observe. I try to feed my creativity by noticing and paying attention to the world around me.

What gives you the most gratification in your work?

Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by the idea of creating something; I would observe different forms, structures, textures, and materials. I’d say the first moment you see your design in a store, at a restaurant, or a café is the most gratifying.

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