Alfresco Dining with Clara Nanut

Alfresco Dining with Clara Nanut

This month we partnered with @gour.mode (Clara Nanut) for her visual guide about the sublime art of entertaining your guests “al fresco."

Using light and transparent objects from Nude Glass, Clara created a variety of bucolic moments. Keep on reading for an exclusive Q&A with Clara on how she finds inspiration on hosting and what she recommends for your very own al fresco dining setup.

Where does your inspiration for hosting alfresco come from?

My inspiration comes from my roots. I live today in Milan but I grew up in a small Italian town in Friuli – Venezia Giulia, up on a hill with a lavish garden, olive trees, oaks and pines. During summertime my family used to invite home lots of friends and set up aperitifs on the terrace or in the garden. These moments of my childhood, made of perfumed flowers, bursts of laughers, bright colors and delicious refreshments, are a generous source of creativity.

How does your creative process work?

To create a powerful set design, first of all I imagine a moment, I try to live it in my mind, in this case I think about the way people would interact in that moment, how they would use and move the objects in the space.

Then I search visual inspiration to concretize my vision and start giving it a shape.

Finally I concretely start with the set up, from a powerful piece, then gradually adding the other elements, in order of size and importance.

I love to make it authentic and genuine, as if that table could tell us a story.

What are your top 3 tips for creating a visually appealing and inviting alfresco dining setup?

Here my three tips:

  • Create your white canvas with a white tablecloth or a nude table made of wrought-iron, white stone or very light wood.
  • Use mainly glass to make it fresh and summery.
  • Add fresh fruit and flowers to turn it romantic.

How do you believe NUDE Glass enhances the overall experience of alfresco entertaining?

With its contemporary designs and the use of lead-free crystal, NUDE’s motto ‘Simple is Beautiful’ shines in an alfresco environment.

What are some creative ways to incorporate natural elements or floral arrangements into the alfresco dining setup?

Make it unconventional and little messy! Use different size of vases or glasses – why not – to host flowers and use them to decorate drinks and dishes too, I love some edible flowers in my cocktail or in the butter to spread on the bread! So casually romantic!

Can you recommend any specific NUDE Glass collections or pieces that are particularly well-suited for alfresco dining?

Heads Up Centrepiece, ideal for a sangria or a fresh punch! My version? Rosé wine made in my region, peaches and strawberries with a pinch of fresh mint!

What is your favorite NUDE Glass product?

This is a tricky question, I guess off the bat: Big Top Set of 2 Coupe Glasses, they are so Gourmode!

 NUDE's Big Top Coupe Glass

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