Şebnem Buhara, an architect and designer, our first creative for the Tastemaker project, pictured standing with the bookcase with Rock & Pop Memento Mori skulls by tattoo and graffiti artists for NUDE Glass

A collaboration with In-Between Design


We’re pleased to introduce TASTEMAKERS: our latest concept in collaboration with In-Between profiling a select range of creatives from architects, interior architects, chefs, gallerists, to designers – as they open up their creative processes and share their vision. We hope the spaces and moments we’ve captured serve as your next source of inspiration.

Şebnem Buhara, an architect and designer known for her timeless, authentic and functional design approach, is the first of our creatives. Her work is informed by a drive to create senses and forms an exploration into how spaces can be crafted to evoke them. Buhara’s work centres on a design approach interlinked with materiality – and how materials, fabrics, and textiles can be used to trigger different emotions.

Rock & Pop

‘I'm interested in the senses that are evoked by a space. This can be translated as a form of art which brings objects and designs together with function and beauty. I believe that NUDE supports interior design by creating objects that combine craft and art.’ - Şebnem Buhara

The first TASTEMAKER project with Şebnem is for NUDE the perfect occasion to reveal its latest project, the Artist Collection Rock & Pop series of designer Ali Bakova's Memento Mori skulls.

An artistic collaboration with tattoo artists and illustrators, that imbues each piece with the emotion, artistry and immediacy inspired by the expressive potential of street culture and the myriad musical genres to which it has given rise.

These hand illustrated, limited in editions of 5 will be presented soon...

Illustrator Umut Karaman designed as well the Rock & Pop editions of glassware and vases, inspired by the '80's neon colors, bold shapes, dynamic figures, simple 1980s-echoing lines, and the spirit of rock and pop.

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The Rock & Pop series of designer Ali Bakova's Memento Mori skulls, presented in a bookcase for the project of Tastemakers by NUDE

Featured collection

The Ecrin collection by Sebastian Herkner presented on a table for the project of TASTEMAKERS in which we showcase creators and their selection of NUDE Glass products


‘It is a matter of delicacy to curate lively corners, sharing different moments of life by placing a memorable object, or souvenir from a different country or a flower from a guest.’ - Şebnem Buhara 

Whilst some objects we come across and come to own become meaningful in their own way, others are imbued with meaning from conception. Şebnem Buhara chose to use our Ecrin collection designed by Sebastian Herkner as a centerpiece for a coffee table top; a collection that draws inspiration from the Earth Pyramids of Ritten, an impressive natural monument in South Tyrol. Curved profiles, heavy bases, and colour-infused lids echo the shapes of the Ritten rock formation - transforming any table into a landscape.

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‘Every corner and colour adds values to where we live.’ - Şebnem Buhara

Our Layers collection is designed to create a large impact through its simplicity. Tall, proportioned, and elegant, Buhara selected the limited edition gold colourway for extra effect - paired with another vessel from the collection.

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Layers tall vase in acid grey and gold presented n a sideboard for the tastemakers project, in which we highlight 5 creators on interior design and NUDE Glass