NUDE x No. 3 Gin

As true purveyors of quality, both No.3 and NUDE are devoted to pursuing perfection and delivering something extraordinary, and our limited-edition martini glass is no exception! 

Visually pleasing, scientifically proven and deliciously perfect.

The Pursuit of Perfection

No. 3 is all about the pursuit of perfection. It is found in
those rare moment when all-consuming passion meets
meticulous precision.

Voted the World’s Best Gin, No. 3 took two years to create the perfect balance of Juniper, Citrus and Spice. Working with master distillers, top mixologists and Dr. David Clutton - the only person in the world to have a PhD in gin - they created a gin that has been recognised the World’s Best, four times.

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The Perfect Glass

Together with the University of Leeds, and developed using our respective scientific and design expertise, the NUDE x No. 3 Gin bespoke glass has been specially created to keep liquid cooler for almost twice as long as a classic glass – in turn, protecting the cold, clean, smoothness of a high-quality martini. 

The exclusive new glassware is hand-blown from crystal and is a perfect balance of form and function, with a fine-rimmed bowl and elegantly slender stem to prevent the drink from warming. The subtle turquoise hue takes cues from and complements the No.3 bottle.

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The Perfect Ingredients

Juniper gives No. 3 its unmistakable flavour. Followed by refreshing citrus – sweet orange peel for a clean, crisp freshness accompanied by grapefruit peel for that extra zing and lift. Then comes the gentle spices – cardamom for a spicy, aromatic, yet warm bite; coriander for a lemon accent and a slightly peppery finish; and finally, angelica root for its dry, earthy quality.

The perfect vermouth - Cocchi Vermouth Di Torino Extra Dry. A very dry and aromatic vermouth lending a bright and fragrant dimension.

Finally – the lemon. The best quality lemon you can find will really bring those citrusy notes in No.3 to the forefront.


Martinis are best served ice cold. We recommend storing your No. gin in the freezer, keeping it super chilled for a truly silky Martini. To keep your Martini colder for longer, simply place your glass in the freezer with your gin.


Never underestimate the importance of ice. At home, keep your ice in a sealed container to avoid taking on any other flavours from your freezer. The size of your cube matters too. Larger cubes will dilute slower, so you will need to stir for longer.


While James Bond may prefer his Martini to be shaken, the end result will likely become over diluted, and initially, slightly cloudy. Instead, always stir your martini: it gives greater control over dilution and will not aerate your cocktail.


Garnishes are not just for the aesthetics. They add another dimension to your cocktail. A twist of lemon, when expressed over the top of your Martini, will add a lovely citrussy aroma as the oils sit atop the cocktail. For us, the perfect garnish is the Amalfi lemon. Not only are they larger in size but their oils are of a higher quality than anywhere in the world - they even have their own protected designation of origin or DOP.


Ingredients & Method

The Perfect Martini

60ml / 2oz No. 3 London Dry Gin

10ml / 0.3oz Dry Vermouth

1 Lemon

Stir over ice for 30 seconds in a mixing glass & strain ingredients into a beautifully crafted, chilled NUDE martini glass.

Garnish with a sliced lemon twist

Enjoy & share the perfect martini.