Iris Apfel X NUDE - a new partnership

Selected for Iris Apfel

An American businesswoman, interior designer and fashion icon...

She is not only an iconic fashion and interior designer, but also a unique and inspirational individual. You can feel her energy and passion in everything that she does and we are excited to bring you on our journey of discovery with her. 
With this partnership we combined Nude’s ethos of “simple is beautiful’ with the bold nonagenarian’s instantly recognisable style. Inspired by Iris’s indomitable style we choose Joe Doucet’s collection Alba, Tamer Nakışçı’s Mist and Nude Design Team’s Stem Zero for her.


'Alba' is Gaelic for Scotland, the collection pays tribute to the spiritual home of whisky. The elegant glasses are punctuated by a hand engraved and cleverly deconstructed Tartan pattern. Each glass is heavy-bottomed, and each carefully tappers towards the brim, holding in the subtle aromas. The decanters, also incorporating the ingenious...

Stem Zero

Stem Zero is a simple and elegant range of highly sophisticated glassware made to satisfy the most discerning wine connoisseur. A dramatic and characterful glass made for elegant reds. Subtle and light, yet comfortable in the hand, it sensuously swoops towards the brim, intensifying the complex perfume of the wine.


From the designer Tamer Nakışçı this trio of vases are made in an extraordinary clear yet corrugated glass. The rippled effect creates an optical illusion reflecting the different colours of the contents in an almost magical way. Flowers particularly are beautifully presented in these vases. However the wider versions are also suited for storing...


During this partnership We will unveil a range of customised collectibles inspired by Iris’s indomitable style. Along with these Iris-inspired products, including Tomas Kral’s Beak collection, reimagined in acid bright colours and bold stripes, we will launch additional striking collections throughout the year, culminating in a brand new collection which will be showcased at Maison & Objet 2019.

"As you can see I am hardly a minimalist, I love to layer accessories and dress in colour, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think simple. Nude is my simplicity, simplicity is a state of mind, and I think simple is beautiful." 
Iris Apfel

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